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Heather Moore
  • Heather Moore

Principal Occupational Therapist

Days: Tues-Fri
Capacity: not currently taking on new clients

Heather has a passion for mental health care and her mission and drive is to normalise and modernise mental health care.

She knew early on she wanted to focus on mental health occupational therapy so she gained experience in acute, subacute, rehabilitation, community, forensic, clinical liaison and intensive case management mental health roles.

When working in the public sector, Heather was an Authorised Mental Health Practitioner which means she has an in depth understanding of the Mental Health Act 2016. Working in mental health, and the disability sectors, also means Heather is experienced in working with adults with intellectual impairments or ASD.

Heather works with adults (and 17 year olds transitioning to adult services) who have mental health and/or psychosocial disabilities. Heather uses a trauma informed and recovery approach, and also uses techniques such as motivational interviewing, cognitive remediation, exposure and response prevention, while goal setting with clients to focus on what’s important to them. Heather’s constitution is 20% water/80% iced mochas.

She loves podcasts, reading and her cat.

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