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Our Psychosocial Disability Functional Capacity Assessment is a Valuable Tool

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Do you have a loved one with a psychosocial disability? If so, consider asking our highly qualified clinicians for a functional capacity assessment to establish objectives, ascertain support needs, and shape a skill-building strategy.

The Purpose of an OT Functional Assessment Through NDIS

Do you want to know your family member’s or a recipient’s present abilities? We are trained to determine their strengths and weaknesses regarding all aspects of their daily life. We will also recommend the assistance or treatment needed to improve the challenges we’ve identified and help them develop goals so they can live as independently as possible.

Let us provide a general functioning baseline in each area and help with diagnostic clarification. Doing so determines the level of support a person may need regarding accommodation placement and can establish whether they require specialised equipment and other assistive resources or technologies.


What OT Assessments Entail

We consider the person’s age and medical condition when we examine their social and medical condition and history at home or in a hospital setting. Our questions may include their interests, community involvement, sleeping habits, education or work setting, communication skills, and home environment.

Our experienced team will evaluate basic skills such as mobility and transfers, eating, hygiene, dressing, and toileting. If appropriate regarding their social situation and age, we may explore skills that include travel and transport, shopping, meal preparation, medication and money management, and their ability to do household chores.
Complex assessments

We Are Here to Help

A functional capacity assessment can determine what you need to enable you to participate in community activities, complete projects or tasks, follow your vocation, and do what you find meaningful. Once we’ve established that, we will make suggestions and give you the support you need to live as autonomously, constructively, and contentedly as possible.